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Profile Pics-1Hello and Namaste!!! I am Rahul, just another Mumbaikar (thats what we Mumbaites like to call ourselves) currently chasing the American dream in good ol US of A. I am a research associate by profession working in a cancer research lab at the University of Alabama at Birmingham who turns into a culinary ninja by night (chuckles!!!).. Although my day job as a researcher pays my bills I have always had a long-standing love affair with food right from my childhood.

It started because of my father who did not hesitate to get in the kitchen at a time in old world India when it was frowned upon. That was a time when a woman was supposed to stay at home and cook. But my father firmly believed that a person should not be dependent on anyone else for anything including food. So he was whipping up decadent dishes in no time. He was also quick to pass on his love of food to me by exposing me to different cuisines at a very early age.

But there was one big difference between two of us. He went in the kitchen and cooked while I went in there just to eat!!! All that changed when I decided to pursue my graduate studies in the US. Suddenly I was on my own and it seems fresh home cooked meals were just a dream. At this point my culinary journey started since learning to cook became an absolute necessity for me. I just didn’t want to spend the rest of my life eating frozen foods.

At this moment if someone said to me that one day in future I would be starting my own food blog I would have laughed my rear end off. Simply due to the fact that in the beginning cooking for me was quiet an adventure, which involved everything from burnt food, destroyed utensils to fires. But I stuck with it and things started getting easier as time went on. After graduation I moved to Nashville, where I finally had my own apartment and could devote a lot more time to my passion i.e. food. But I still did not have the guts to put myself out in front of the world.

The final push was given to me by my best friend, i.e. my wife MADHAVI. As soon as she heard that idea her excitement was contagious and I just couldn’t bring myself to say NO to her. She even took it upon herself to learn wordpress and helped get the site going. Now she is an integral part of this venture and keeps me on my toes constantly. The day I got married I was told the key to a happy married life is to always listen to your wife. HEY.. I am a smart man so when madhavi wanted to start a food blog I listened and didn’t take long to say yes. The recipes in this blog are eclectic mix of Indian and international food. To be brutally honest it is food, which basically comes out of this crazy head of mine.

I am self-trained so I try to read a lot about different cuisines and evolve my food accordingly. My goal is to cook delicious food from scratch with fresh ingredients and most importantly SPICES….

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    1. Thank you for the invitation Aishwarya. This is definitely doable. I will go through the guidelines in detail on your website and get back to you with any questions..

  1. Hey rahul n madhavi
    Fantastic work guys.. Superb blog…rahul nvr knew ur a good cook too..
    Cool all d best guys…madhavi u doing a grt job…lots of love

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