Cashew Chicken Masala

Cashew Chicken Masala

Posted on May 29, 2017

This Cashew Chicken Masala might bring a little sweat on your brow and a few tears in your eyes but your heart is going to be pleased having eaten a sumptuous meal. Finally my partner in crime in my blogging adventure i.e. my dear wife is back after spending 3 months back home in India and I for sure couldn’t be any more happier. What made me all the more happier is seeing all the goodies that she got backRead More

Malvani chicken curry with vade

Malvani Chicken Curry with Vade

Posted on December 6, 2015

Tender stewed chicken in spicy coconut based curry with fresh aroma of Malvani masala served with savory vade. The mere mention of the two words ‘Murgh Makhani” more commonly known as Butter Chicken is enough to get mouths watering everywhere around the world. Now I bring to you its big rival for your culinary affections “Murgh Malvani” or “Kombdi Vade” as the locals fondly call it. It is a deliciously spicy chicken curry eaten with vade which is basically aRead More

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