Quinoa Upma

Quinoa Upma

Posted on May 14, 2017

A healthy, power-packed breakfast full of proteins to turbo-charge the day!!! Every time I start cooking with a new ingredient I  have a tendency to get fixated on it till I can make a couple of good recipes with it. To be honest I am surprised it took me this long to find this latest obsession. It is none other than what some people consider as SUPERFOOD i.e. QUINOA. For some one like me who has started working out regularlyRead More

Zucchini Pancakes

Zucchini Pancakes

Posted on May 7, 2017

Lip-smackingly delicious Zucchini Pancakes. A perfect breakfast to start a lazy weekend!!! What do y’all do for the first meal when you have just gotten rid of a nasty stomach bug?? The easy answer is take it easy on your tummy which is exactly what I did.. Like a good kid I actually went back to eating my veggies i.e. Zucchini.. But I was damn well going to make sure that the zucchini wasn’t going to be bland in anyRead More

Savory Lentil Mini-Pancakes

Savory Lentil Mini-Pancakes

Posted on October 9, 2016

Super easy protein packed breakfast will help you turbo-charge your day. Y’all may have noticed from my last few posts that I have been on a bit of a health kick lately. This week I had promised myself that I was going to thoroughly indulge myself. The problem is that it takes me more than two weeks to get rid of my obsessions (CHUCKLES!!!). Don’t get mad but I am back with another healthy recipe with “LENTILS” as the star of theRead More

Cauliflower upma

Cauliflower Upma

Posted on April 17, 2016

A nutritious breakfast which will help jump start your day !!! All of y’all will agree that the best recipes as well as recipe ideas come from your mom. Nothing and I mean absolutely nothing in this world is better than mom’s cooking. But every now and then it is not your mom but her sister (WINKS!!!) who comes up with a cool new idea, which makes you think, “Why didn’t I think of that????” This deliciously tasty “CAULIFLOWER UPMA” isRead More

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